Thursday, June 18, 2009

    I went Lake COmpOunce. This place is located at Connecticut. The time I left at was 8 something. It took like 1 hour.  I was talking to my friends that was sitting next to me and beside me. The trip to the Theme Park was fun. On the bus, I was taking pictures of people off guard. I was also talking to people on the bus. The movie I watched on the bus while going to the Theme Park was "Harry Potter." The bus ride was about 3 to 4 hours long. I felt bored at a point and then I started to take pictures of people. I felt bored because I was doing nothing at a point until I did something. 

    Once I got to the park I was waiting for my homeroom teacher to pass out the tickets so I can enter inside the Theme Park. When I saw the park I thought you can't compare this to Six Flags at all. The people that was in my group was Alex; Sekouba; Saikou; Grisaurys; Jhoanna; Ada; Thalia; Victor; Jonas; Javier; Joshua; and me. The teacher I went with was Mr.Osei. The first ride I went on was DOwntOwn. The people that the ride with me on the ride the first time was Alex; Sekouba; Jonas; Javier; Ada; Jhoanna; Saikou; and me. Roller Coaster rides I went on was Boulder Dash; Zoomerrang; and Wild Cat. Some other rides I got on was Bumper Carts; DOwntOwn; Saw Mill Plunge; and Enterprise. My 2 favorites rides are Zoomerrang and Boulder Dash. I liked the Zoomerrang because it goes backwards. I liked the Boulder Dash because it is like El Torro in Six Flags they are both like the same thing. Also, I like these rides because they go fast. When I went on the DOwntOwn Alex said El Diablo when we was going down. Also, Jonas was praying. Mr. Osei did not get on any of the rides except the Wildcat. The Wildcat was the only ride Mr.Osei go on. I did not eat nothing. 

     The last ride I went on was the DOwntOwn. That was the second time I got on. The bus ride was type fun to me because I took pictures of people who was sleeping. All those pictures of the people I took while they was sleeping was funny. The movie I seen on my way back home was "The Return of Batman." The most thing I liked about Lake COmpOunce was all the rides. Finally, I would like to go back for the summer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Angela's Ashes

     Poverty affects the characters in Angela's Ashes because they are extremely poor. The little babies keep on getting because the parents can't afford to go to the hospital to help their baby. If I was the mother I would try to give them whatever they needed like food or try to get. Also, I would find a Job to help them. The thing that the mother did wrong was to marry the husband because he really does not doing nothing at all. the thing that the father did wrong was to become a drunk. 

   I think they live under these conditions because something went wrong with there family. The things that can help this family if they was to move somewhere else and they can get help from someone else or anyone from there family who has more than what they have. No I do not know anyone who lives in poverty like they do. No it is not worse because America is a big place 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Experience doing IMOVIE

      The people that are in my group were Jonas and Victor. Working with a group is a little bit hard because we would argue. Also as a group it is hard because you want to put something or take something out, but then your group member don't want you to do that so we start arguing. Moreover, it is also difficult because when your partners are not here to help you and you are here working on it by yourself trying to do what you wanted to do and make it much better. The best part working with a group is that everyone from your group have different parts in doing your IMOVIE. That Jonas would do the IMOVIE, Victor would write the script, and I would answer questions and find pictures. The worst part working alone is that you need your group members to help you when you need help. Furthermore, working alone is a little bit good because you get to do what you want and you don't need no one to tell you what to do. There really isn't a worst part to making IMOVIE because at a point making if you don't know how to use it, it is hard to do IMOVIE. Finally, once you know how to use IMOVIE it will get easy.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sara Khan

    The name of the Presenter is Sara. Sara is an underwriter. Well when Sara came in her Presentation it said that she was an Insurance person. When she said that she was an Insurance person I was a little confused. Well she had explained and she said that as an Insurance Person she whelps people with anything that they need help with. Moreover, when she was talking she had said that people get notice by doing bad things.   


        The name of the presenter that I seen was Teniola. Teniola is an Investment Banker. Well she told me about what she does as an Investment Banker. Well, the Presenter Teniola told us that she works a lot of hours. Also, she said that she works up to 100 hours a week when their is only about 164 hours a week .Moreover, she also said that you get to travel around the world and the company pays for the Hotel you are staying in. I liked that she said you get to work with many people. Finally, she said that she is going to stop working as an Investment Banker because its like she does not get enough sleep and she always wanted to be a teacher, so she is going to be a ESL teacher for the summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


    Using IMOVIE was fun, but at times it is kind of difficult because you have to add pictures and then the pictures take along time to load. Also, when you try to put the music in and it is not the song that does not match and then I have to look for another song all over. Moreover, in my group I have Victor and Jonas. The best part creating the movie with my group is that when we was getting it together we kept on trying and we succeeded. Well me and my group did not show our IMOVIE video to the class because we did not finish, so we are still working on it. Moreover, Jonas, Victor, and me are still working on it and when we finish with it we will show it to the class. 

     The other videos that I saw were interesting. Like Alahagi group they did everything like a movie would do it. To add on, like in the end of the movie they did it just like that. The people that was in the group was Josue, Angel, and Alahagi. Well I think our video is good because we are not finished and when we present it to the class I would like to know what they think about it if they like it or not. Well there was 2 videos that were tie because Alahagi's group was creative and they had people from the school to play the person the character they was doing for IMOVIE. The other group that I liked was Larolyn's group it was funny and creative because at the end the put pictures and they were funny. Also Larolyn's group there was people talking in the background. I don't think they would know because they are not really saying a lot about the book. Basically, what I am trying to say is they are not being very descriptive. 

    I plan to improve on my film by working on it. Also, by making sure it is good and checking it once I finish and keep on checking it until it is great.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do I have to think about a Career now?

     Well I am thinking about careers now so when I get to college I would already know what I would want to do.  Also, I am thinking about the careers now so I could already know what would I be studying about. It is important because once I get to university I would know what we need to study about so I could become professionals. I think this project will help me a lot. Moreover, it will be helping me a lot because I am already thinking about what I want to do when I get older. Furthermore, this is helping me a lot because I want to have a better future. I want to be better than my mother. Additionally, I would like to help my family and be better than what they are doing. I already have been thinking about my future. As my future I would like to be a business women,  work in a Company or  Manage money. Finally, I started thinking about my future so I would know what to study and so I could be a better person than my mother in what she has done.

My Reflection-Renzulli

    The type of careers that I like is Managing Money. I am into this career because I manage my mothers money sometimes when she wants me to manage it. Also, I like this topic because it has to do with math because it is with money. Another, topic that I like is work in a Company. I would like to do this because I would like to work in a office. Moreover, I would like to work in a Company because I would like to have an office and do what ever they tell me to do. The last career I would like to do is be a Doctor. I am interested being a Doctor because I would like to help people who ever needs help.

   I was surprised about what I read in my profile. For example, Linda also has specific preferred instructional styles. Learning or instructional styles are the ways students like to learn and the strategies parents and teachers use to help them learn. Linda has very clearly defined learning preferences. Her preferred instructional style is through peer tutoring that happens when a student or friend who knows a good deal about something helps or works with her to really understand the topic or material being studied in school. 

   Somethings that I read about that I already knew was that I wanted to help people like being a Doctor. Also, that I enjoy working in groups and discussing with students about the class work. Finally, starting a business of my own. I already knew that I wanted to do these things.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Renzulli Profile

Linda is a seventh grade student who has special interests and abilities in school. She described her grades as above average in math, average in science, average in reading, and average in social studies. She seems to have several areas of interest. Her primary interest appears to be in mathematics. She seems to enjoy working with numbers, problems, patterns, and logic and may also like using computers and working on logic puzzles and word problems.

Linda's second area of interest appears to be in business. She seems to show an interest in organizing or starting a business or assuming a leadership role in working with people, such as stage managing the play or becoming editor of the yearbook.

Linda's third area of interest appears to be in athletics. She seems to like physical activity and may be interested in learning about sports, nutrition, physical therapy, or sports medicine.

Linda also has specific preferred instructional styles. Learning or instructional styles are the ways students like to learn and the strategies parents and teachers use to help them learn. Linda has very clearly defined learning preferences. Her preferred instructional style is through peer tutoring that happens when a student or friend who knows a good deal about something helps or works with her to really understand the topic or material being studied in school. Her second choice of learning style is independent study in a topic of choice. Although she does like working independently, Linda may be interested in sharing some responsibilities for this project with a small group of other interested students. It may be necessary for her teachers or other adults to help her with this independent work, as the final work may result in an advanced product, such as an experiment, a video, a service, a technology product such as a powerpoint, or an oral presentation. Linda also enjoys discussions that happen when two or more students talk with their teacher or in small groups about issues and topics by discussing facts and opinions and discussing them.

Linda also has a preferred product style. That is, she has certain kinds of products that she likes to complete. Her first product choice is dramatic. She enjoys participating in theatrical performances, such as acting and role-playing. Her second choice of product style is audio-visual/display. She enjoys organizing attractive arrangements of objects, and/or likes to work on displaying information on boards or posters. She also may enjoy organizing materials and designing diagrams to visually display information. Linda's third choice of product style is oral, as she enjoys speaking and discussing things. She may also like debates or speeches, or talking about things in her class.

Monster-Is Steve Harmon innocent or guilty?||May 4th, 2009

Steve Harmon is Innocent.
I feel that Steve Harmon is Innocent because he really did not do anything. In the crime the role that Steve had to do was to see if anyone was in the store like cops or any customers. So basically all he had to do is give them a signal. Well Steve does not know Bobo as much as he knows James King. He knows James King more than Bobo because the only way he knows Bobo was when the Robbery had happened. Why do you think Steve is friends with people like James King and Osvaldo? I think that Steve is friends with people like James King and Osvaldo because he is probably scared of them or he does not have any friends instead of them.

Our friends can influence by trying to get us addicted about what they like. Also, about influencing us in what they like to do, etc. I never been in a situation like this like Steve Harmon. I have not gotten in this situatiion before because I do not hang out with people Steve Harmon does. If I was to do something like Steve Harmon did it won't my friends fault it will be mine for doing what I did. It is important to pick your friends wisely because when you really get to know them you will probably regret from being that person's friend. To me I don't pick my friends wisely. If I want someone to be my friend they are going to be my friend if they want to be friends with me. I am not going to choose who can be my friend or not.I think that she feels that he did something wrong because James King and Bobo are bad influence for him and that why he is in the situation he is in now.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monster Blog-April 24.2009

Many poeple call each other names. They call each other names because they feel like making fun of that person or they just don't like that person for what ever type of reason. I don't call people names unless they call me names. If I was to call that person names it was for a reason, but then I just walk away from the person if I was to call him/her names. Almost everyday I see people get called names. Not that I know of anyone who is being teased for being Gay. When peopl ear constanntly teased I think that they be feeling sad because people tease other people just to be a bully or to bother that person for no apparent reason.

Petrocelli calls Steve a Monster because what he did. When Steve was called a Monster I think he was surprised because he wouldn't think that anyone would call him a monster. I think he does because know he is in jail for something he got caught for. Being in Jail is not a good thing because you can spend your whole entire life in Jail, for what ever crime you did or yo can spend less time there. Do you think Steve is a monster? To me, yes he is because of the crime that he did, but he shouldn't be called a Monster. But some of them deserve to be in Jail for the crime that they commited. Well I am not sure until he is proven that he did not want to do it or until he is proven innocent or guilty for what he did.

Monster-Steve Harmon; April 27th. 2009

Yes; I feel it still exist. Racism exist in many different kinds of ways. For Example, many people be judging others from where they come from or About their race when they don't even know nothing about that person. Have you ever experienced racism? I have not experienced racism. Well people have not said nothing racist about me, but i heard about other people. Steve Harmon experiences racism because when O'Brien told him that "Half of those jurors . . . believed you were guilty the moment they laid eyes on you. You're young, you're Black, and you're on trial. " So I am guessing e experienced racism.

Yes; Because there are more White Juror than Minority. Not really; Because the White Juror really don't care about the Minority people so they would just say that they are guilty. Maybe Not; He probably won't get a fair trial because he is a Minority.

Some people that are in our country court system are racist. Most of the people that think that our country's court system are racist becasue maybe they are and they really don't care what they say when they should. Just because there are White judges they think they could do whatever they want and judge people how they like it. There are more bleck men in Jail than in College because mostly black people get caught for what they do and they spend about 25 years up to there whole entire lifetime. Finally. many judges just look at the person and think that they should not even deal with there case and just tell them that they are guilty and they are going to spend there whole life in Jail.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The game I enjoyed the most today was Soccer Poetry. In order to play the game I had to answer questions and when I get the questions correct I get to try to get a goal. If you get the question wrong well then you can not try to get a goal.. My Score was 8 out of 10. I liked this game because every time I got the questions correct I get to try to get a goal. To play this game go to this link;

The game that I enjoyed secondly the most today was From rags to Richest . In order to play the game I had to get the questions correct to move on o get more money and if I got it wrong I would need to start the game all over. My Score was $1,000,000. I liked this game because when I needed help in a question I got confused so It was kind of fun . To play this game go to this link;

The game I enjoyed the least today was Basketball Poetry. In order to play the game I had to you need to get all the questions correct to try to make a shot. My Score was 21 points. I least liked this game because I am wack at it. To play this game go to this link;

Friday, April 3, 2009

Aim:How do we solve proportions by using cross products?

1. Explain: How the term cross product can help you remember how to solve a proportion.
   The term cross product can help me remember how to solve the proportion because all I have to do is multiply across and nothing else. Basically, all you have to do is multiply the numerator from the denominator from both of the ratios. Cross multiplying is easy because all you have to do is cross multiply, but if you have a variable in one of the ratios you have to figure out what is that variable. Furthermore, if one of the ratios has a variable and the other one does not then, you still need to figure out what is the variable to get you answer.

2. Describe: The error in these steps: 2/3=x/12; 2x=36; x=18

  The error in these steps: 2/3=x/12; 2x=36; x=18, the person who did this problem did not show it's work. Even though, the person did not show his/her work, he/her did not cross multiply. The only thing that the person did was multiply by straight. So the person just basically did was 2*x=2x and 3*12=36. Then the person did 2x=36 and then the person divided by 2 and got 18, so x=18. Finally the way he would of gotten it right, if he was to do;
2          x
__ = ___  3x=24; 24/3=8; x=8
3         12

3. Show: How to use cross products to decide whether the ratios 6:45 and 2:15 are proportional.

6          2
__=  ___  2*45=90 
45       15    6*15=90 

90 and 90  is proportional.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


   I learned that a Hyperbole is when you are exaggerating. Hyperbole is a figure of speech using exaggeration. An example of hyperbole is, She was dying. Another example is that She was Oo.Dheeing on you. People use hyperboles to exaggerate.  One hyperbole that I use daily is, You be Oh.Dheeing. Finally, the figure of speech I like to use is a simile. A  simile is easy to use because you are only comparing using the words like or as. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


    Today in Class, I learned that Idioms are like expressions that use. Idioms are expressions that has a meaning apart from the meanings of its individual words. An example of an Idiom is, Raining Cats and Dogs. Raining Cats and Dogs is when is raining a lot. Another example of another Idiom is, I put my foot down. I put my foot down is standing up the plate. One more thing of another Idiom is, Its easy as Pie. Easy as Pie is easy to do. People use Idioms so they would use the Idioms instead of saying the exact phrase. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cool Game.

    The game that I enjoyed the most was called Wizard Poetry. In this game I studied the following skills which were Alliteration, Rhyme, and Rhythm. In order to win this game I had to find all different monsters which each monster had a key and I had to answer the questions correctly to get the key. If I didn't get it right I had to try again. The thing that I enjoyed the most about this game was that I had to find the keys that the monsters had and answer all the poetry sentences it told me to answer. Also, walking around with that boy. My partner was Grisaurys. Grisaurys and I won at the same time. To play this game go to this link;

      The game that I enjoyed second most called "Is this a Metaphor. In this game I studied the following skills which is metaphor and simile. In order to win this game I had to answer all 5 questions. The thing that I enjoyed most about this game was answering all the questions and getting them all correct. My partner was Grisaurys. We both got all the answers correct, so we both got 100%. To play this game go to this link;

     The game that I enjoyed the least was "Battle Ship." In this game I studied the following skills of Figurative Language. In order to win this game I had to answer all the questions that I clicked on the empty spaces so I can sink the other persons ship. The thing I least enjoyed about this game was losing. My partner was the computer. My partner won me. To play this game go to this link;

Monday, March 23, 2009

Journal Assignment Two step equation

Name: Linda Pichardo

T-mobile charges $34.99 a month for phone service. They also charge $0.48 per minute for long distance calls. If Joshua's bill was $64.75, how many minutes of long distance calls did she make?

Part A - Write an equation that can be used to solve the problem.

Equation: 0.48m + $34.99=$64.75

Part B - Solve your equation and answer the question in a complete

0.48m + $34.99= $64.75
- $34.99 -$34.99
0.48m = $29.76

I Can't write a poem

Forget it
You must be kidding
Poems are boring
They make sleepy
I do not know how to write poems
My pencil broke
My brain is half asleep
All this noise is bothering me
The bee keeps on buzzing
Poems just gets me aggravated
Time's up? Uh oh!
All I have is a dumb list of excuses.
You like it? Really? No kidding.
Thanks a lot. Would you like to see another one?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Like a gentle wave
Relief washes over me
I'm here at last.(Yay)


Yellow butterfly
growing upon the flowers
summer is coming.

Haiku- Football

Football is so fun
Catching a ball in the air
I caught a Touchdown

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter; Goodbye.!

No more snow
Falling from the sky
All the coldness is gone now
until winter comes again
SPRING is now on its way
So Goodbye WINTER and Hello SPRING

SPRING is here; SPRING is here
its the best time of the year.
For the SPRING

Imagery Poem-BANG.!

I hear some GANGS.
Talking with Slang.
I hear it again.

Imagery Poems

Hickory Dickory Dock
My mom went up the block
She picked me up from the Dock
I went to the Clock 
And I saw my sock           

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The splendid rainbow sparkle down on me.
The sky shines across the city.
The sight makes it pretty.
Sunshines just like the stars.
Rainbow is bright as the sun.

Limerick Poem

You must be a young lady named Lou
Who could ride on the road eating stew
You might think I would say
You can come for the play
Then we'll eat 2 raccoons at the zoo

Imagery Poem

                               I made some cold shivering Ice Cream
                While sitting down in the heated dark kitchen 
                       Thinking about the fast paste wind
                 But, Hey you can get everything you want

Native American Museum

          In the Native American Museum, I learned that the Native Americans are not actually Indians. Moreover, William was telling us about the Museum. He showed some pictures and he said that behind everything that are there, there is a story behind all of them.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

Aim:how do we evaluate algebraic expressions?

12x                                      4/y                                                    3xy/2
12•x                                    4÷y                                                 3•x•y/2
12(x)                                                                                        3(xy)/2  12*x

   The difference between a Variable and a Constant is that a variable varies with other numbers and a constant remains as the same number and it does not change at all. Moreover, a Constant is a number that cannot change. It cannot change because it is not a variable. A variable is a vary. A vary is the difference or change. Finally, this is the difference between a Variable and Constant.

Math New York State Test

To me the Math Exam part 1 was Fair. Furthermore, it was fair to me because there was nothing that I did not to do. There was only one question that I had trouble with and I made an educated guess. But, the rest of the test was fair. Part 2 of the test was a little bit more difficult to me. I found it a little but more difficult because I was getting confused. So then I had stopped for a while and I started thinking so I can get more comfortable. I think that I got another high 3 like last year. It took me 1 hour to finish the whole entire test. Yes, I did go over my test to make sure that I answered the question.

That quiz to me form yesterday was not hard at all to me. To me it was not all that hard because I knew everything that was on it. For me there was no difficult part in the poetry quiz. The quiz that I took today was not hard. To me the test was fair. The difficult part that I found difficult was when I had to write 3 sentences about Imagery. As my grade I think I got an 80 or above. I felt that I was prepared for the test because in the class we went over some of the figurative languages that we had trouble with.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Limerick Poem

I will love him forever
He is also clever
He may be a pain
but, he is a person I will maintain
And I am sure I will be by his side whenever

Friday, February 27, 2009

Limerick Poem

His name is Foday
I saw him today
He got suspended from school
but he think he cool
I ain't glad he coming here on Monday

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Mid-Winter Vacation

During, my Mid-Winter vacation, I had an okay vacation. To me I think the break went too fast. I wanted to have a longer vacation because I was not ready to go back to school. I would of rather wanted our vacation to be at least 2 or 3 weeks long. It would of been better for me. Moreover, I would of also had more time to do my homework. The best thing I did over my vacation was to see my 2 nephews and 1 splet over. The one who sleot was Joseph and he went home the next day. To add on, I got to see my other nephew angel the next day. One thing that I wish I could have done was go see my father in Ohio. Well I get to do the same thing as always because I always have time to do what I usually get to do. Now that I am back in school, I look forward to keeping my grades up and dont get lower than an 85% as my average score in any of my classes. Finally, the most that I miss about being in school was my friends and doing a little bit of classwork.


Poem #1

I Never

I never put my things away.
I never dust my room.
I never fix the things I break.
I never use a broom.
I never take the garbage out.
I never buy the food.
I never get embarrassed
when a person sees me nude.
I never clean the table tops.
I never scrub the floors.
I never turn the TV off.
I never lock the doors.
I never wash the dinner plates.
I never say a word.
I never knew that life would be
so easy for a bird!

Before Reading:
About this title I predict that this poem is something a person never does and never plans to do. I think this poem about a person that never plans to do anything and will keep everything the same way it is. This poem has 16 lines.

After Reading:
I think that this poem is about that this person is lazy and never does anything that he asked to do.
My predictions were kind of correct.
The title relates to the story because the only is talking about I NEVER.
The name of this poem is " I Never"

Poem #2

A Secret

It’s OK to tell a secret
to a dolphin or a seal,
but a pig cannot be trusted,
for a pig will always squeal!

Before Reading:
The prediction I have about this poem is about telling a SECRET. I think this poem is going to be about who can you tell secrets to.
This poem has 4 lines.

After Reading:
I think this poem was about who can you tell secrets too.
My prediction was correct.
This title relate to the poem because is about " A Secret."
The name of this poem is "A SECRET."

Poem #3

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue,
please cover your nose.
You sneezed on Miss Muffet
and ruined her clothes.
You sprayed Mother Hubbard
and now she is sick.
You put out the fire
on Jack’s candle stick.
Your sneeze is the reason
why Humpty fell down.
You drenched Yankee Doodle
when he came to town.
The blind mice are angry!
The sheep are upset!
From now on use tissues
so no one gets wet!

Before Reading:
I think this poem is about something that the blue boy did.
I think to me this poem is boring.
This poem has 16 lines.

After Reading:
I think this poem was about rain.
My prediction was incorrect.
The title does not relate to the poem.
What is the name of the poem? The name of the poem is"Little Blue Boy."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cinquain Poem-Best Friends

Best Friend
Is who you trust
Just like trusting your mom
Best friend share everything

Cinquain Poem-Ice Cream

Ice Cream
It's delicious
Tasty in my tummy
Just like a Whopper from BK

Cinquain Poem-Baseball

Least favorite sport
The same as basketball
I do not like playing baseball
Ew Ew!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cinquain Poem-Football

I love Football
Football is fun to play
I can sometimes get a touchdown
Yea Yea !

Cinquain Poem-Pizza

                                   I love Pizza
                                 It is very tasty
                             I like peperoni pizza
                                     Yummy !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peom=My nephew

His eyes are light as mine.
His teeth is white
and it always shine
Every time he laughs
When he sleeps over my house
I don't want him to leave my side.
I love him to death
he is the best !

Similes and Metaphor Poem

My best friend is like my sister.

We tell each other secrets like no other person.

We have fought and argued like any other person will but,
its okay cause no one can make us be enemies.

She is always there for me during the good and bad times.

She is and always will be my partner in crime.

Similes and Metaphor Poem

My bull is the white silver fish in the river,

My bull is the shimmering crane bird on the riverbank,

My bull is white fresh milk !

His roar is the thunder to the Turkish cannon on the steep shore.

My bull the dark rain cloud in a storm.

He is the Summer and Winter.

Half of him is the dark storm cloud

Half of him is the light sunshine.

His back is the morning star.

His brow is the red back of a hornbill.

His forehead is a flag, calling the people from a distance.

He resembles the rainbow.

I will water him at the river,

With my spear I shall drive my enemies.

Let them water their herds at the well;

The river belongs to me and my bull.

Drink, my bull, form the river; I am here to guard you with my spear.

My bull is white like the silver fish in the river,

White like the shimmering crane bird on the riverbank,

White like fresh milk!

His roar is like thunder to the Turkish cannon on the steep shore.

My bull is dark like the rain cloud in a storm.

He is like summer and winter.

Half of him is dark like the storm cloud

Half of him is light like the sunshine.

His back shines like the morning star.

His brow is red like the back of a hornbill.

His forehead is like a flag, calling the people from a distance.

He resembles the rainbow.

I will water him at the river,

With my spear I shall drive my enemies.

Let them water their herds at the well;

The river belongs to me and my bull.

Drink, my bull, form the river; I am here to guard you with my spear.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Poetry is to me.

When you do Poetry is like you are expressing your feelings. Even though I don't like poetry at all. Also when you are doing poetry you can write about anything that happened to you in your life or what is happening to you. Poetry is mostly when you are making a rap, singing, or when you have things that you can't say anything and you are just writing it down. Furthermore, when you are writing poetry you don't have to rhyme at all as long as it makes sense. but, it will be good if you rhyme once in a while. Just like my teacher told me today that you don't have to rhyme. If you want your poem to sound good well then add a little bit of similes, metaphors, alliteration, figurative language, end rhyme, and etc. Moreover, when you are writing a poem you don't have to write the same kind of poem over and over. For example, you can write Limerick poems, Epic, Haiku, Free verse, Ode, Bllad, Imagery, Acrostic, Simile, and Metaphor Poems. These are all kinds that you can write. You can be creative when you are writing poems.


I am proud to be a Dominican.
A Dominican is who I am.
Which considers a hispanic.

When its time for me to go
Dominican Republic I cry as if I am never going to see my mother again.

Being in Dominican Republic is just
like relaxing on the beach on a hot sunny day.

When I go visit my grandmother
she makes me smile like I just saw a star shining down on me.

When its time for me to leave
Dominican Republic I don't want to leave because
it is hot like you are near the sun.

Today, during class I learned about Similies, Metaphors, Figurative Language and Alliteration. Simile is when you are comparing something using Like or As. A Meatphor is when you are comparing something but, not using the words Like or As. To add on, a Figurative Language is a tool that an author employs to help the reader visualize what is happening in a story or poem. Moreover, Alliteration is turn of expression. An example of an Simile is, " Your mom crys as loud as a Lion." An example of a Metaphor is, "Your foot is bigger than Big Foot feet." Furthermore, an example of Figurative language is.....I really don't know but, if you do congratulations."Additionally, an example of Alliteration is, "Boom Boom Boom." In my class we are learning about this because we are in the Poetry Lesson. If you read my peom...let me tell you I don't like poetry. I hate poetry. But from me there will be more poetrys SOON !

Monday, February 9, 2009

Imaginig I'm living in the 1950's= Jim Crow Law

Well if I was living in the 1950's I would't like it because everybody back then was in a bad situation. It didn't have to matter about the the whites or non-whites many people back then were in bad situation. I wouldn't know how would I be treated. But, I can say that non-whites couldn't go to the same schools as white people. The non-whites and the white people couldn't be in many different things and couldn't go to places. For example, whites and non-whites couldn't drink from the same water fountain, couldn't use the same bathrooms, couldn't communicate, and etc. Moreover, if I was to sit in a bus I would sit in the middle.

Well, I will be considered as a non-white because I am hispanic so I the white people would treat me horrible. I was not treated the same like the white people because I would be considered black when I am actuallly hispanic. Well, like I am considered black I would not get to do almost anything because of my skin color. Like couldn't sit in front of the bus. If I was to sit inthe bus I would have to give it up to a white person to sit down. If the line was to long to drink from the water fountain and I wanted to drink from the white people fountain and it was empty I still couldn't drink it because I am not white. If I wanted to do something I wanted to do and they don't let me I would stand up for my self. Finally, if I didn't follow the JIm Crow law I would probably get killed.

Langston Hughes

In literary class, today I learned about Langston Hughes. I learned about his history. The Jim Crow law is the law that segregated Black and White people. I think that non-whites were affected by Jim Crow law because that law didn't let them do what they wanted to do. Also, that law separated the white people and black, so they had separate things do like. For example, whites and non-whites can not use the same bathroom, couldn't use same water fountain, couldn't sit in front of the bus, and etc. I think that Malcolm X felt that, that law was not a good law because he was non-white and he had to pass through everything that was going on at that point. Some people who fought against Jim Crow laws were Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks.

Langston Hughes is an African American who made history. He use to write poems about what happens during his time so he is influenced by what happens in his life. Well, life for the black peopel was the worst because things that they wanted to do they couldn't do. The poem that I read in class that he wrote was the one that is the " Merry-Go-Round." I think that they have it easier because they could do many things that they want to do. But, I am sure that thet there is still slavery going on. So it still may be hard for many black people who is living where slavery is still going on. But, if you live in America the things that you want to do you will get to accomplish. The black people have many privilegies. For example, whites, hispanics, black, mexicans, and etc all go to the same school. We all could communicate with no problem. Also, the people who have jobs they all get to talk to each other and work at the same place. They have many other priviligies.

I think that the Jim Crow Law about segregation is very atrocious. To me is very atrocious because the black people didn't get to do what they wanted to and the white people got to do what ever they wanted. Well, I think he fights this law by standing up to the law and not caring about anything else. Shirley Chisolm fought against Jim Crow law by running for president and not caring what people thought. She was not going to pull back because all the dreadful things everybody said about her. To add on, she had confident in her self. Malcolm X was tryed of all the segregation so he fought against and tryed to stop it. He di all he had to do to stop all this segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for all his rights. During his speeches people were there to hear him. Not only black people were there to hear him also white people and lots of people were there to hear what he would say. Furthermore, he told his dream to everybody. Also, Martin Luther King Jr. did not care what people would say. I guess he was tired of all the segregation and all the hate that the white and black people had against each other. If we didn't have people like Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisolm, Malcolm X, Federick Douglass, George Washignton Carver, and other people because of them we wouldn't be the people who we are now and everything would be different. Finally, if we never spoke out against that law there still would be segregation and blacks and whites would still be seperated and we wouln't get to do what ever we wanted. But, because of these people that was not scared to stand up for their Rights we live the way we live now and you know all these people.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shirley Chisolm

Today during class I learned about Shirley Chisolm. Shirley Chisolm made history. Shirley believes that young minority children have no hope about the future. Furthermore, the young minority do not believe. If they was to believe in themselves and not doubt themselves they will succeed and they will get some where in the future if they just believe in themselves. For example, if they live in a bad environment it will not help them to believe in themselves at all. Shirley thinks that the students that did not want to get higher grade because they were "its." Those children wanted to be Mediocre.

Shirley Chisolm was an African American women who ran for President. She was the first African American women to run for President and had the guts to run even though during her time it was tough. Moreover, Shirley accomplished all her wishes all except winning to be President. People felt that when she ran for President that she was a brave women. To me, I think she did not care what people thought of her. So she did what she had to do but, she still lost. Other people thought that she was crazy because she wa s running and she was not going to make it that far. But, those people were wrong she actually made it far. Finally, black people during her time was not treated al that good. For example, they was not allowed to do what they wanted to do but, there was still segregation in her time. Also the african americans were not allowed to have there own names they had to have white people names, so they couldn't have there own names.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Malcolm X

Today during class I was learning about Malcolm X and how he felt about the "KKK." During class, I learned that when he was 13 the Kkk killed his father. The killed his father by putting him on a train track and they ran over him. I also learned that he went to prison for 8 to 10 years. While he was in prison some man named Elisha was trying to teach and get through his head that White People are not good people at all adn that you should help them. I also learned that Malcolm X did not think that the Black people were treated fairly. H ethought it was wrong the way they treated the Black People. Moreover, I also learned that Malcolm X called himself Malcolm X because his father did not know hi slast name either. So as far he is concerned that is his name. Additionally, I learned that they were given white people name and they couldn't use there own name. They couldn't use they're own name because they were taken away. The Kkk is the "Ku Klux Klan." Finally, I also learned that the Malcolm X felt that the KKK was wrong. I also think that he thinks that there was no reason for it. They hung the Black People. Malcolm X thought that the KKK were all cowards because they could never come one by themselves that they always have to come in groups.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sample Methods

                                              Sampling Methods

I would like to survey people who has been in the army about how many people has died while they were there. I will sample 8694 people who has been in the army.

Random Sample- I would randomly sample the people who like to be in the army. 

Convenience Sample- I would sample the first 100 people to pass by me.

Biased Sample- I will sample all the army people when they come to New York for Memorial day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Diary Entry about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

Mr. Daily took me to his house instead of taking me to Martin Hall ( Kids Jail ). But, instead he took me to his house. I really do not know why. Well anyways, he just took me over there and I seen his wife Mrs. Daily. When I first got there she seemed nice. I already had a good feeling about her. Mr. Daily had to go back to his office real quick to get some papers or something like that. Furthermore, Mrs. Daily kept on asking me question about me. After, Mr.Daily had came back. He came back real quick like he said he would. Moreover, they had asked if I would tell them about me annd what has been going on in my life, so I told them. But, I left some parts out of when I was out the Zoo, I didn't want them to know about that. While, I was telling them that I was in the Living Room. Mrs. Daily feed me a lot of food. She thought that I was straving and I hadn't eaten for days when its kinda a little bit true. On the other hand, Mrs. Daily showed me my bedroom. She took me a shower. Additionally, she said that I was a dirty boy because I have not taken a shower since a long time and I been through a lot. To add on, Mrs. Daily tucked me into bed, put DOggie beisde me, and gave me a kiss on my forehead. A few hours/ Minutes I noticed that Doggie was not there at all. So, I went downstairs and asked Mrs.Daily if she knows where was Doggie. But, before I went into the kitchen I over heard her and Mr.Daily talking. So, then they stopped talking because Mrs.Daily noticed that I was there. Moreover, I asked her if she kows where is Doggie. She replied and said Yes. She told me that she ttok him because he was very dirty and it seemed like he been through a lot like he said. A few days later, I went downstairs again, I over heard them once again talking in the kitchen. Additionally, she seen me and she asked me what I am doing down there. I had tol dher that I wanted a paper and a pencil so I can draw. When I knew it was so I can run away. I was writing them a letter to tell them thank you for everything and all that they did for me. I was going back to the Zoo where I was before. Then, in the night I hear people calling my name, then I heard it again. Finally, I heard that it was Sal and I seen the police man and Mr.Daily beside him.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Aim:How do we use spreadsheets to create graphs?

Linda Pichardo
February 02, 2009

       Today, during class we were learning about how to add data and use a Spreadsheet. I put the data in the spreadsheet. The data that I put in the spreadsheet was "Student Council Budget." Moreover, we were given instructions so we can put a Bar Graph and a Pie Graph. The first thing to do when you are trying to put a Bar Graph into a spreadsheet is go to where it says INSERT. Then, it says Tables, Illustrations,Charts, Links, and Text. I picked where it says charts and it is showing me all the different charts that I could put in the spreadsheet. To add on, I chose where it says Bar Graphs. After, I chose what graph I wanted, I named the Bar Graph. Moreover, I had changed the color of the Bar Graph. Furthermore, I did the same thing to put a Pie Chart in the spreadsheet. This table that I did is about a Student Council Budget. 

           I had to figure out between the Bar Graph and a Pie Chart. The Bar Graph describes the data much better than the Pie Chart. A Bar Graph best displays the Student Council Budget because it shows more information than a Pie Chart. For example, the bar graph shows values and the amount. A Line Graph is an appropriate display of the Student Council Budget. Finally, a Line Graph can be an appropriate display for the Student Council Budget it shows when the amount decreases and increases.  


Sunday, February 1, 2009

SuPeR BoOwL SuNDhayy ! XLIII =]

BeFoRee Yhu STarT ReaDiiNqq ii JusT WaNt YhU Oo2 KnOee ThaT Dhee STEELERS aRe Not Mhee FavORiiTee TeaM. GIANTS Aree Mhee FAVORITE TeaM BhuT Theyy DiiDnT MaKee iihT DhiiSs YeaR SoO iiM GoOiiNqq FhOR Dhee STEELERS.

LeTss GoO STEELERS ! Dhee STEELERS Aree GoOiiNqq Oo2 WiiN Dhee CARDINALS. ToO Mhee Dhee CARDINALS Aree WaCkk. ii DonT CaRee Wah AnyyOnee THiiNkss. Oo2 Mhee Dhee CARDINALS Aree WaCkk, BhuT ii GoT OO2 AdMiiT NuMBhaa 11 Larry Fitzqerald iiS a GewD PlayyEr. BhuT Hee AiinT DoOiiNqq NuTTiInqq RiiTee Now FhOr HiiSs TeaM. EveN ThoOuGhh MAnyy PeOPlee Sayy TahT Hee iISs a GewD PlayyEr Ndd ii KNoee Hee iiS A GewD PLayyeRss Hee Aiint DoOiiNqq NuTTiINqq RiiTee nOw. EiiTher Way Hee iIs A GewD PlayyEr. AnyyWayyss, LeTss GoO STEELERS ! STEELERS All Dhee Wayy ! Dhee STEELERS MhaDee TouChh DowNn. Soo FhaR Dhee GaMee iiSs 3 ToO O. BhuT, Dhee CARDINALS CoaChh DiiD NoT ThiiNkK ThaT Was ToUChh DowN, Soo THeyy Had OO2 KiiCkk iihT OoF. BhuT EiiTher Wayy Theyy STiiLL GhOoT Dhee PoOiiNTss. NoW Dheyy CARDINALS HaVhee 7 PoOiiNTss. BhuT ii ForgHot Who GAvee Them Dhee 7 PoOiiNTss. bhuT At LeaSt Theyy GhoT PoOiinTSs.

Dhee STEELERS JusT GhOoT 16 PoiiNTss CaUSee Theyy JusT MhaDee An iinTerCepTiiON WeN Dhee CARDINALS QB WaS GoOiiNqq Oo2 ThroW Dhee Playy Oo2 one eof Hiis TeaM MaTes Oo2 GeT Dhee TouChhDowN. ii ThiiNk iihT Was NumBhaa 32 WhoO CaUGht Dhee iiNTErCEpTiiOn Ndd RaN All Dhee Wayy Oo2 Get TouChh DowN. Larry Fitzqerald TryyeD Oo2 CaTChh UhP Oo2 HiiM WeN Hee AcTuaLLyy DhiiD Ndd KiiNDhaa LiiKee Pushhed Hiim iNToo Dhee TouuChh DowN ! AhT FiirsT Dhee ReFeReS DiiDn'T ReALLy KnOee WheThEr Oo2 CounT That As a TouChh DowN Ndd Dheyy DhiiD. TheN Theyy HaD Oo2 DoO AnoTher KiiCkk OoF WhiiChh GaVee Dhee STEELERS AnOTher EXTRA PoOiiNT Ndd NoOw Theyy HaVhee 17 PoOiiNTss Nd Dhee CARDINALS HaVhee 7. Dhee STEELERS ARee WiiNNiinqq DheM Byy 7 PoOiiNTss. NoW Wee GOo iiNTOo HALF-TIME. HALF-TIME Oo2 Mhee Was Ooh.Dhee BoRiiNqq. ii HaD PuT Dhee TVee On MuTee Soo ii WonT LiiSTeN Oo2 Dhee Guyy WhO Was SiiNqqiiNqq. ii DiiDnT EveN KnOee Wah Hee Was SiiNqqiiNqq ahT ALL.

NoW Baqq Oo2 Dhee GaMee. Dhee CARDINALS AhT Dhee MoMenT Aree HaViiNqq A HarD TiiMee. EvEr SiiNCee Theyy GhOoT Dhee 7 PoOiiNTss They BheeN HaviiNqq a HArd TiiMhee TryyiiNqq Oo2 GheT MoRee PoOiiNTss. ii ThiiNKk Theyy Aree NoT ReaLLyy ConCenTraTed On Dhee GaMee. NoW ThaT HALF-TIME HaS PaSseD CARDINALS oOr Dhee STEELERS Havee Bheen GeTiiNqq PoOiiNTss UnTiLL Now. Dhee STEELERS JusST GhoT 3 MhoORee PoOiiNTss. Theyy GhOt 3 MoRee PoiiNTss CauSee Theyy DhiiD a KiiCkk OfF.WhiiChh MeaNss STEELERS-20 Ndd CARDINALS-7. Dhee CARDINALS Aree GoOiINqq Oo2 LOSE ThiIS SUPER BOWL. ii Havee a FeeLiiNqq DhaT Dhee STEELERS Aree GoOiiNqq Oo2 WiiN DhiiSs SUPER BOWL. ii HaVee HoPee iiN Dhee STEELERS ThaT Theyy ARee GOoiiNqq Oo2 WiiN DhiIS GaMee.

RiiTee Now DheeSee oo2 TeaMss Aree GoOiiNqq AhT iihT. EsPeCiiaLLyy Dhee CARDINALS AhT DhiiSs MOmenT Theyy Aree HaViiNqq A HArd TiiMee CaUSee Theyy Aree LoSiiNqq Byy 13 PoOiiNTss. Dhee CARDINALS QB ii ThiiNkk Hee iiS Not ConCenTraTiiNqq iin DhiiSs GaMee. Dhee CARDINALS Ndd Dhee STEELERS Aree FiiNDiiNqq DhiiSs GAmee ReaL TouGhh AhT Dhee MoMenT. EvEr SiiNCee Dhee STEELERS GhoT 3 EXTRA PoOiiNtSs Dhe CARDINALS iiS TryyiiNqq reaL HArd Soo Theyy WonT Get No MOree PoiiNTss.

NoW On Oo2 Dhee CARDINALS. Dhee QB DoeSnT ThROw ShORt PASsEs. ii ThiiNkk Hee LiiKeSs ThrOwiiNqq Dhee BaLl Oo2 Dhe ePerSon Whoo iiS CLoSeR Oo2 Dhee TouChhDowN. WoW ! Larry Fitzqerald JusT CaughT AnoTher BaLL. ThaT Was A GewD Playy TheRee. Larry Fitzqerald JusT BoPped MaNyy PeoPlee FrOmM Dhee STEELERS TeaM. RiiTee Larry Fitzqerald JusT MhaDee a TouChh DowN. NuMBhaa 24 Was RiiTee On HiIm Ndd Hee STiiLL CauGht iihT. Dhee CARDINALS DhiiD A KiiCkk OoF Soo Theey GhOT Andd ExTraa PoOiiNT. NOw Dhee ScOree iiS STEELERS-20 Ndd CARDINALS-14.

NoW WeRee Baqq Oo2 Dhee STEELERS. Dhee HaSs Dhee BhaLL NoW. NuMBHaa 39 Just PaSsed ThroUgh a BuChh Of PeopLee OO2 Get a Few YarDss. SoMee OF Dhee CARDINALS TeaM MaTesS PuShheD Dhee QB Of Dhee STEELERS BAqq Nd iihTss LiiKee They LosT YarDss. Onee ThiiNqq ii NoTiiCeD iiS ThaT NuMBhaa 7 Dhee QB OoF Dhee STEELERS LiiKeeSs Oo2 ThRoWw Dhee BhaLl Alot OO2 HiiS LeFT.

Baqq Oo2 Dhee CARDINALS. BeCaUSee OF Dhee CARDINALS Dhee STEELERS GhOt A PeNaLTyy FhOor ThRoOWiiNqq HiiS HAnDss UhP LiIkee THeyy Was About Oo2 FiiTee. Dhee QB OF Dhee CARDINALS ThrOw Dhee BhaLl Oo2 NuMBhaa 15 Ndd Dheyy GhOt 26 YarDss. Dhee QB Threw Dhee BhaLl Oo2 NuMBhaa 81 Hee Was WiiDee OpeN ndd Hee MiiSsed That Bhall. ThatSs A ShaMee. Dhee Qb JusT ThrEw Dhee BhaLl Oo2 ii DonT KNoee CauSee WheRee Hee Threw Dhee BhaLL No ONee Was DheRee Soo iihT Was Liikee An iinCoMPLeTee PaSs. Hee JusT Threw AnoTher iiNComPleTee PaSs. Dhee CARDINALS DeCiiDeD Oo2 PunT Dhe BhaLL. WhiiLee Dhee BhaLL Was KiiCkkeD. NuMBhaa 92 PuNChed 42 iiN Dhee Backk WhiiLee hee Was DowN ON Dhe FLoOr.

Wee Aree BAqq OO2 Dhee STEELERS. LeTss GoO STEELERS. ! STEELERS All Dhee Wayy ! NoW iiM Not SuRee iif That BhaLl iiS GeTTiNqq OuT Dhat EnD ZOnee CauSee Dhee STEELERS Aree iiN Dhee EnD Zonee. Theyy AtLeasT NeeD FiirSt DowN. SanToNiiO JuSt CauGht Dhee BhaLL Ndd ThaT Was 21 YarDss. That Was A GewD ThrOW. NoT eveN GewD A PerFeCt ThroW. Dhee STEELERS GeT A Free KiiCkk FrOm Dhee 20 Yard LiiNe.

We Are On Oo2 Dhee CARDINALss Oncee AgAiiN. Theyy JuSt GhOt An iinComPLeTee. Larry Fitzqerald Just MAdee A TouChh DowN Ndd Now Dhee CARDINALs Aree WiiNNiiNqq Us Byy 2 PoiiNTss. DhiIS iiSs NoT GewD Not GewD Aht All. Now Theyy Juss DhiiD a KiICkk OFf Ndd Dheyy GhOt 1 EXTRA PoOiiNT. Wah a ShaMee ShaMee ! =( Dhee ScORee iiS Now CARDINALS-23 Ndd STEELERS-20 =(.

LeTss GOo STEELERss ! iiKnoee STEELERS CouLd WiiN. We Aree BAqq NOw On Dhee STEELERS. Dhee QB JusS ThReW A GewD BhaLL Oo2 Onee Of Hiis teaM MaTess Ndd He CauGhT iihT. TheN Hee ThrEw An iiNCoMPLeTee PasS =(. Thiiss iis NoT Gewd Not Gewd Aht All. STEELERS JusS CaLLed A TiiMhee OuT. Dhee QB Juss Threw Oo2 NuMBhaa 10 He Was SOo ClOSee Oo2 Dhee ToUChh DowN BhUt Hee DiiD NoT MhaKee iihT.Theyy GhoT 49 SeConDss LefT Ndd iIm SuRe Theyy Wiil Get DhiiSs TOUCHDOWN. HOLMES JuStt MhaDee TOUCHDOWN. That Was A BEAUTIFUL CATCH AND THROW. LiiKee Ooh.Eem.Ghee. LETS GO STEELERS !!! =) Dheyy STEELERS DhiiD A KiiCk OfF Ndd Liikee ALWayYSs Dhee BhaLl MaDee iihT ! Now Dhee ScoRee iiSs STEELERS-27 Ndd CARDINALS-23.

Wee Goo On Oo2 Dhee CARDINALS. Dhee QB ThrOwSs Dhee BhaLL Oo2 Larry Fitzqerald Ndd He CauGhT iihT. Theyy JuSs CalLed TIMEOUT. Now Theyy Ghot 1 TIMEOUT LEFT. Dhee QB ThreW An iiNComPLeTe PaSs, BhuT BeForee iihT TouChed Dhee FloOr Onee of Dhee TeaM MAtEss FrOm STEELERS GhoT Dhee BhaLL. NOo MoRee SeCoNds LeFT. WhiiChh MeanSs STEELERS WIN !


Diary Entry about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

Jerome get to come back home. But, JEROME does not know for how long he is staying. When I first saw mom with all those things around her I was not very happy. It looked scary. Mom can not even move from her bed. WALTER or I have to feed her because she can not move her neck. Someone has to come in to take mom a shower she can not take a shower herself because she can not move as much. Now LARRY is very different. He is only 12 years old and he gets very drunk. Moreover, he follws my other brother GEORGE. GEORGE is always drinking with my father. Now LARRY is drinking to. Now my family is even worse because my mom fell off the bed. She fell off the bed because twe gave her too many pills. GENE gave her 5 WALTER gave her 3 and I gave her 2 pills. Soo she fell. Well I think my mom is going to die because all those braces that she had all around her body and then she just falls off the bed, well its a possibility to me that she will die. But, I dont want her to die. Uhm....its possible for JEROME to die, but I do not want him to die.


My Diary Entry about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

My mom is sick again so they had o take me to another orphanage which is called Saint Teresa. I did not want to leave my mother again. She promised me that she wouldn't leave me again. When she left me I felt really sad. Mom I dont want to go.

Saint Teresa is so far a good orphanage. I met 2 boys and they are STEVE and BOBBY. They are real nice. Sister Ann Catherineis real good to me. i think she is the only nice NUN in this orphanage. When I was sleeping she brushed my hair back and she put DOGGIE around my arms. Moreover, she took me to the nurse when Sister Barbara hit me and through me into a closet.

Steve told me that Sister Barbara is a really mean NUN. Moreover, STEVIE and me and the rest of the part-timers went outside to the playground and we started plaging TAG. Furthermore, BOBBY, STEVIE, and DOGGIE are my only friends that I have.


Friday, January 30, 2009

My Diary Entry about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

Wow ! I finally get to see MARK again. Once, I got to see MARK I was so excited that I go to see him. MARK was like my best friend, but not really, DOGGIE was really my best friend because I usually tell him everything. Furthermore, MARK was my first only friend that I had. Well, I decided to become friend with MARK because I really trust him. Also, because we were usually always together. I do not think he would of wanted him because he does not know him as well. To add on, I decided to give MARK DOGGIE because I felt that he needed someone to be with him at the moment. I think that the lady put me in the corner for no reason because I really did not do anything to her to be putting me in the vorner. Finally, I really do not think it was fair to put me in the corner.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diary Entry about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

I finally got to see SAl again. I got to see him on MONDAY. ONce, SAL found me he had asked lots of questions and of course I had answered him. He had took me home. My mom was so happy to see me again. She told me that she does not want me to do that ever again. SAL and my mom started talking. So I went to my room. I finally, got to see JEROME again. I was so surprised. He told me about my father. He told me not to tell no one not even my mom. I wish my father was dead. To add on, I wish he was dead because it was like his fault that GEORGE comeshome drunk and its his fault that GEORGE screams at my mom like that. Everything that JEROME I am going to believe because he is my mother and one thing is true that GEOORGE always usually gets home drunk because of that man. GEORGE did not go fix the Antennae because he had something to do. The thing he had to do was to go out and drink with that man. I do blame GEORGE for my moms injury because he did not even want to do her that little favor because he had to go out with that man I wish he could die. Well, when I saw my mom there lying down with al that blood I was sad. I was thinkin that now I have to go to another home once again and wait until my mother gets better once again.


My Diary Entry about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

I ran away from to go look for SAL. I had to sleep in the zoo until MONDAY, because that was the day he started working again. I got to see all kinds off animals like I was there. While I was there in the Zoo I was hungry. But, I ate food from the garbage. That people through and was not all finished. Well, I guess I was kinda scared because I was there with only animals. Then I was not really scared because I had DOGGIE with me. I ran away because I wanted to look for SAL. I did not want him to run away. He felt that no one loved him because they made him do everything in his house. Then everyone in the house started blaming me that it was my fault that he left the house. When that was not even true. Well, I think he left because I think he though that non one in the house loved him.


My Diary about Jennings

Dear Diary,

I was harrassed by boys from my school. I really did not like it. They all was hitting me. I started bleeding. But i did not stay hit from them because I was not going to stay hit from them. When they were all harrassing/hitting me was not cool, because of them I start bleeding and start calling me names. They start calling me names because they say that I am wearing there clothes. I had moved with the FRAZIERS they are really nice people. I went fishing with MARTHA'S son DONALD, I caught a fish. Ihad fun when I went fishing. I had to wake up at 4 O'Clock to go fishing and then I had to go to schoo after that. Moreover, I had told my classes that I caught a shark, but they did not believe me, they thought I was lying. Mr.Fazier was nice he bought clothes. He told me that i can take anything that I want. Furthermore, I took pants, shirts, shoes, and more things. I was happy that I was finally getting new things instead of wearing the same old clothes. MARTHA is real nice person. She treats me like I am her son. Finally, she basically does everything for me.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Diary about Jennings !

Dear Martha,

Thank You Very Much for taking care of me. You are a great person. But, there are things that have been going on ever since I left the house. Like, one thing is that once I went back home my brother Larry ran away from home. Larry says that there is no reason for loving or trusting no one when they are just going to go away. Another thing is that I ran away myself to the Bronx just to look for my friend SAL. I stayed at the zoo for about 3 days. Additionally, SAL had found me and started asking me lots of questions and of course I answered him. To add on, SAL took me back home and started talking to my mother. Then they started to go out almost every weekend it was like they were dating. Furthermore, then George got mad because it was like SAL was doing everything for them when George got them a new house. George does not like SAL at all. On the other hand, SAL took us to see my other brother JEROME. JEROME was in another home. I was surprised that I was finally got to see my brother again. Moreover, JEROME had told me about my father and the reason GEORGE is always ususally drunk and always arguing with WALTER. Finally, one terrible thing happened. I think it was kind of my brother GEORGE fault because he did not want to do the favor for my mom. The favor was if he could fix the Television because it lost color, so he did not want to go up to the roof and fix it. But, outside was pouring. Soo my mom decided to go to the roof and fix it. All of a sudden they hear something really loud, so they go check what was it and I see my mother on the floor. I mostly see blood. Moreover, I start screaming and polices and ambulance come and take her. I hope my mother is okay !


Monday, January 26, 2009

The Importance og a Good Family !

Family is very important to me. Family always comes first at all times no matter what. then comes your friends and who ever you want. But to me family will always come first. I like that my family is usually their at all times. I do not like that they always leave and I always have to go to a different family because my mom keeps on getting sick. At a point I think that Jennings does not feel all that great/good about his family because he has gone to many families and homes. Well, at a point I think that Frazier family been their for him through-out many of his problems. For Example, when he got blood all over the clothes that they got him that was not ragg at all. But then, Mr.Frazier went to take him shopping so he can get what ever he wanted . he got new shoes, shirts, pants, and new everything.

One positive thing about Jennings family is that they have been there for him. A negative thing is that they are not always there for Jennings because Jennings always moves from home to home to another new home. He usually moves because his mother is always sick. The negatively affected by the actions of his family is that he does not really know a lot of things of his family. He is usually at other peoples homes and then they become his new family until his mother gets better. One negative thing that George does is scream at his mother while she is in a bad condition. One of the negative things that Walter is smoke. He also fights/argues with his other brother George. How is Jennings' treated by the Carpenter family? Moreover, he is treated very bad. Ms.Carpenter treated Jennings like he is a piece of garbage or piece of ragg doll that you can throw around and do what ever you want to it.

I think the best home for Jennings was The Home of the Angels. I think that was a better home for him cause no one really treated like a rag doll that you can throuw around. I also think that , that was a better home for him because he had a good time there and no one hit him and through him into a closet like in St. Teresas. Umm, I guess Mark was like a brother to him because he would usually tell Mark many things about him. Also because he wanted his mother to adopt him when he was finally going home.

The Movie "My Bloody Valentine 3D"

On Thursday, January 22, I went to the movies to go see "My Bloody Valentine 3D." I went to see the movie with my mom, my step-father, and my cousin. The movie is a Horror Movie, but to me the movie was not all that scary. My cousin was scared, she kept in taking off her glasses every time the killer will come out. My mom and my step-father was not that scared. My mom was scared only in one part, but the movie was kinda funny. I got scared only in one part of the movie, it was like in the beginning. To me the movie was HOT ! I seen that movie critics gave the movie a B+. I think that if i was a critic I would of giving ot an A+. Well Anyways, that movie was awesome.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The ELA Test ! Day Two !

The ELA test today was okay. To me it was not hard at all, except one question. Many, people think that the test was not hard at all. They mostly thought that the test was easy. Some said that is was okay and it was medium. This test only had 7 questions. First, my teacher had o read the story twice. Then we had to do 4 multiple choice questions. After that, we was interrupted and the man told us that he is going to bring us the sheet so we could bubble it that paper. Once, we all finished that we had to correct a paragraph. Finally, that paragraph was not easy and it was not hard either. The test was okay.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The ELA Test ! Day One !

Wow ! The ELA was today. To take the test they gave us 2 hours. For me that was enough time for me to take the test. Moreover, many of my classmates finished under 1 hour . Furthermore, I was surprised when people finished under an 1 hour because it was like that they did not really care and they were just rushing through the test so the can get it over it. But, the test was okay. It took me about 1:30 just to finish the test. I was the last one that everyone was waiting for to finish the test.

The ELA test was not all that hard and I am not going to say it was easy. The test was okay for me. Many people thought that the test was easy, but that was from there point of view. The test that I took was multiple choice.To add on, while I was taking the test I was not nervous at all. Well at the beginning, I was a little bit because I was thinking that I was not going to pass and that I was going to fail. Moreover, once of I thought that I was going to fail, I started thinking positive instead of negative. I thought positive because if i kept on thinking negative, I would of probably got many answers wrong.

While I was getting to the end the test, I got confused with 2 questions. Even though, the test had 28 questions, but only 2 was not multiple choice. Those 2 questions got me confused. Once it got me confused I started getting frustrated and I stopped doing the test for 10 minutes. Then I started to re-read the question to see if I understand it. After that, I started to understand it. Once, I started understanding it I was not confused at all. Finally, once I finished the test, I had confident on myself and I told myself that I am going to pass.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Diary about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

I feel so happy that my mom came back for me. Now I can go home. When I was at the Orphanage I really missed my 4 brothers and my mom. To add on, now that I am home I can do lots of things that I like to do. I miss Mark and Stacy at the Orphanage. I left both of them there. I wanted my mother to adopt Mark. My mom dropped me off at the Orphanage because she was very sick. Once I heard that I only thought that she was sick like she only had a cough an something like that, but my mother had a sickness. I hope my mom feels better.


My Diary about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

Why did you leave me there. Some lady named Mrs. Carpenter adopted me and took me to her house. It was terrible. She only cooked twice a day which was Breakfast and Dinner. I didn't want to be there. Moreover, I didn't like it there at all it was the worst place I thought I would never be. Mrs. Carpenter didn't like me at all. She didn't like me at all, the only reason she adopted me because she needed more money. I liked it better at the orphanage. They treated me much better than Mrs. Carpenter and they feed me. I don't want to be here anymore.

My Diary about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

I attacked Butch because I did not like the way he was making fun of Mark. When Mark finally wanted to be my friend I felt happy because he wants to be my friend. I think he wanted to be my friend now because I stood up for him. Moreover, I feel that Stacy is a nice girl, but she can be annoyinng by asking many questions. Also Stacy will be a good friend. I feel sad that I couldn't take Doggie with me because he was my only friend when Mark didn't want to be my friend yet. The Carpenters went to pick me up at the Orphanage which is Home of the Angels. Furthermore, when I was sitting behind the Carpenters car I didn't want to live with them because they are not my real parents and I don't feel comfortable living with other people I don't know. I think my new home will be good and then it won't be all that good because I won't be comfortable. Finally, my fear is that something probably happen to me while I am in my new house.


My Diary about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

When my mother took me to the orphanage I did not really know why because she brought me here. I think she did not want me, so she took me to an orphanage. To add on, I like doggie so much because he is my friend and I can talk to him about my feelings. I really don't know what is going to happen to me if I stay for really long because my mother told me she is only going to come back for me.


My Diary about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

I live with the FRAZIERS now. Mr.Frazier went to pick me up at my school. He had told me that my mom has pneumonia. I was really sad. I did not want to move anywhere else. I want to be with my mother. Mr.Frazier and the principal had told me that I could still come to the school. Furthermore, I was a little bit excited that I was still going to stay in the school. Mr.Frazier was nice to me. So far I like him. He took me to this beautiful place that had amazing houses. To add on, he had a big house. I liked his house. Additionally, I liked the maid. She was really nice to me at all times. Finally, I like the FRAZIERS house and I also like my room.