Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Diary Entry about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

My mom is sick again so they had o take me to another orphanage which is called Saint Teresa. I did not want to leave my mother again. She promised me that she wouldn't leave me again. When she left me I felt really sad. Mom I dont want to go.

Saint Teresa is so far a good orphanage. I met 2 boys and they are STEVE and BOBBY. They are real nice. Sister Ann Catherineis real good to me. i think she is the only nice NUN in this orphanage. When I was sleeping she brushed my hair back and she put DOGGIE around my arms. Moreover, she took me to the nurse when Sister Barbara hit me and through me into a closet.

Steve told me that Sister Barbara is a really mean NUN. Moreover, STEVIE and me and the rest of the part-timers went outside to the playground and we started plaging TAG. Furthermore, BOBBY, STEVIE, and DOGGIE are my only friends that I have.


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