Friday, January 30, 2009

My Diary Entry about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

Wow ! I finally get to see MARK again. Once, I got to see MARK I was so excited that I go to see him. MARK was like my best friend, but not really, DOGGIE was really my best friend because I usually tell him everything. Furthermore, MARK was my first only friend that I had. Well, I decided to become friend with MARK because I really trust him. Also, because we were usually always together. I do not think he would of wanted him because he does not know him as well. To add on, I decided to give MARK DOGGIE because I felt that he needed someone to be with him at the moment. I think that the lady put me in the corner for no reason because I really did not do anything to her to be putting me in the vorner. Finally, I really do not think it was fair to put me in the corner.

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