Monday, February 9, 2009

Langston Hughes

In literary class, today I learned about Langston Hughes. I learned about his history. The Jim Crow law is the law that segregated Black and White people. I think that non-whites were affected by Jim Crow law because that law didn't let them do what they wanted to do. Also, that law separated the white people and black, so they had separate things do like. For example, whites and non-whites can not use the same bathroom, couldn't use same water fountain, couldn't sit in front of the bus, and etc. I think that Malcolm X felt that, that law was not a good law because he was non-white and he had to pass through everything that was going on at that point. Some people who fought against Jim Crow laws were Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks.

Langston Hughes is an African American who made history. He use to write poems about what happens during his time so he is influenced by what happens in his life. Well, life for the black peopel was the worst because things that they wanted to do they couldn't do. The poem that I read in class that he wrote was the one that is the " Merry-Go-Round." I think that they have it easier because they could do many things that they want to do. But, I am sure that thet there is still slavery going on. So it still may be hard for many black people who is living where slavery is still going on. But, if you live in America the things that you want to do you will get to accomplish. The black people have many privilegies. For example, whites, hispanics, black, mexicans, and etc all go to the same school. We all could communicate with no problem. Also, the people who have jobs they all get to talk to each other and work at the same place. They have many other priviligies.

I think that the Jim Crow Law about segregation is very atrocious. To me is very atrocious because the black people didn't get to do what they wanted to and the white people got to do what ever they wanted. Well, I think he fights this law by standing up to the law and not caring about anything else. Shirley Chisolm fought against Jim Crow law by running for president and not caring what people thought. She was not going to pull back because all the dreadful things everybody said about her. To add on, she had confident in her self. Malcolm X was tryed of all the segregation so he fought against and tryed to stop it. He di all he had to do to stop all this segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for all his rights. During his speeches people were there to hear him. Not only black people were there to hear him also white people and lots of people were there to hear what he would say. Furthermore, he told his dream to everybody. Also, Martin Luther King Jr. did not care what people would say. I guess he was tired of all the segregation and all the hate that the white and black people had against each other. If we didn't have people like Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisolm, Malcolm X, Federick Douglass, George Washignton Carver, and other people because of them we wouldn't be the people who we are now and everything would be different. Finally, if we never spoke out against that law there still would be segregation and blacks and whites would still be seperated and we wouln't get to do what ever we wanted. But, because of these people that was not scared to stand up for their Rights we live the way we live now and you know all these people.

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