Monday, April 27, 2009

Monster Blog-April 24.2009

Many poeple call each other names. They call each other names because they feel like making fun of that person or they just don't like that person for what ever type of reason. I don't call people names unless they call me names. If I was to call that person names it was for a reason, but then I just walk away from the person if I was to call him/her names. Almost everyday I see people get called names. Not that I know of anyone who is being teased for being Gay. When peopl ear constanntly teased I think that they be feeling sad because people tease other people just to be a bully or to bother that person for no apparent reason.

Petrocelli calls Steve a Monster because what he did. When Steve was called a Monster I think he was surprised because he wouldn't think that anyone would call him a monster. I think he does because know he is in jail for something he got caught for. Being in Jail is not a good thing because you can spend your whole entire life in Jail, for what ever crime you did or yo can spend less time there. Do you think Steve is a monster? To me, yes he is because of the crime that he did, but he shouldn't be called a Monster. But some of them deserve to be in Jail for the crime that they commited. Well I am not sure until he is proven that he did not want to do it or until he is proven innocent or guilty for what he did.

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