Sunday, February 1, 2009

Diary Entry about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

Jerome get to come back home. But, JEROME does not know for how long he is staying. When I first saw mom with all those things around her I was not very happy. It looked scary. Mom can not even move from her bed. WALTER or I have to feed her because she can not move her neck. Someone has to come in to take mom a shower she can not take a shower herself because she can not move as much. Now LARRY is very different. He is only 12 years old and he gets very drunk. Moreover, he follws my other brother GEORGE. GEORGE is always drinking with my father. Now LARRY is drinking to. Now my family is even worse because my mom fell off the bed. She fell off the bed because twe gave her too many pills. GENE gave her 5 WALTER gave her 3 and I gave her 2 pills. Soo she fell. Well I think my mom is going to die because all those braces that she had all around her body and then she just falls off the bed, well its a possibility to me that she will die. But, I dont want her to die. Uhm....its possible for JEROME to die, but I do not want him to die.


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