Monday, February 9, 2009

Imaginig I'm living in the 1950's= Jim Crow Law

Well if I was living in the 1950's I would't like it because everybody back then was in a bad situation. It didn't have to matter about the the whites or non-whites many people back then were in bad situation. I wouldn't know how would I be treated. But, I can say that non-whites couldn't go to the same schools as white people. The non-whites and the white people couldn't be in many different things and couldn't go to places. For example, whites and non-whites couldn't drink from the same water fountain, couldn't use the same bathrooms, couldn't communicate, and etc. Moreover, if I was to sit in a bus I would sit in the middle.

Well, I will be considered as a non-white because I am hispanic so I the white people would treat me horrible. I was not treated the same like the white people because I would be considered black when I am actuallly hispanic. Well, like I am considered black I would not get to do almost anything because of my skin color. Like couldn't sit in front of the bus. If I was to sit inthe bus I would have to give it up to a white person to sit down. If the line was to long to drink from the water fountain and I wanted to drink from the white people fountain and it was empty I still couldn't drink it because I am not white. If I wanted to do something I wanted to do and they don't let me I would stand up for my self. Finally, if I didn't follow the JIm Crow law I would probably get killed.

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