Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Diary about Jennings

Dear Diary,

I was harrassed by boys from my school. I really did not like it. They all was hitting me. I started bleeding. But i did not stay hit from them because I was not going to stay hit from them. When they were all harrassing/hitting me was not cool, because of them I start bleeding and start calling me names. They start calling me names because they say that I am wearing there clothes. I had moved with the FRAZIERS they are really nice people. I went fishing with MARTHA'S son DONALD, I caught a fish. Ihad fun when I went fishing. I had to wake up at 4 O'Clock to go fishing and then I had to go to schoo after that. Moreover, I had told my classes that I caught a shark, but they did not believe me, they thought I was lying. Mr.Fazier was nice he bought clothes. He told me that i can take anything that I want. Furthermore, I took pants, shirts, shoes, and more things. I was happy that I was finally getting new things instead of wearing the same old clothes. MARTHA is real nice person. She treats me like I am her son. Finally, she basically does everything for me.


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