Monday, January 26, 2009

The Importance og a Good Family !

Family is very important to me. Family always comes first at all times no matter what. then comes your friends and who ever you want. But to me family will always come first. I like that my family is usually their at all times. I do not like that they always leave and I always have to go to a different family because my mom keeps on getting sick. At a point I think that Jennings does not feel all that great/good about his family because he has gone to many families and homes. Well, at a point I think that Frazier family been their for him through-out many of his problems. For Example, when he got blood all over the clothes that they got him that was not ragg at all. But then, Mr.Frazier went to take him shopping so he can get what ever he wanted . he got new shoes, shirts, pants, and new everything.

One positive thing about Jennings family is that they have been there for him. A negative thing is that they are not always there for Jennings because Jennings always moves from home to home to another new home. He usually moves because his mother is always sick. The negatively affected by the actions of his family is that he does not really know a lot of things of his family. He is usually at other peoples homes and then they become his new family until his mother gets better. One negative thing that George does is scream at his mother while she is in a bad condition. One of the negative things that Walter is smoke. He also fights/argues with his other brother George. How is Jennings' treated by the Carpenter family? Moreover, he is treated very bad. Ms.Carpenter treated Jennings like he is a piece of garbage or piece of ragg doll that you can throw around and do what ever you want to it.

I think the best home for Jennings was The Home of the Angels. I think that was a better home for him cause no one really treated like a rag doll that you can throuw around. I also think that , that was a better home for him because he had a good time there and no one hit him and through him into a closet like in St. Teresas. Umm, I guess Mark was like a brother to him because he would usually tell Mark many things about him. Also because he wanted his mother to adopt him when he was finally going home.

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