Monday, April 27, 2009

Monster Blog-April 24.2009

Many poeple call each other names. They call each other names because they feel like making fun of that person or they just don't like that person for what ever type of reason. I don't call people names unless they call me names. If I was to call that person names it was for a reason, but then I just walk away from the person if I was to call him/her names. Almost everyday I see people get called names. Not that I know of anyone who is being teased for being Gay. When peopl ear constanntly teased I think that they be feeling sad because people tease other people just to be a bully or to bother that person for no apparent reason.

Petrocelli calls Steve a Monster because what he did. When Steve was called a Monster I think he was surprised because he wouldn't think that anyone would call him a monster. I think he does because know he is in jail for something he got caught for. Being in Jail is not a good thing because you can spend your whole entire life in Jail, for what ever crime you did or yo can spend less time there. Do you think Steve is a monster? To me, yes he is because of the crime that he did, but he shouldn't be called a Monster. But some of them deserve to be in Jail for the crime that they commited. Well I am not sure until he is proven that he did not want to do it or until he is proven innocent or guilty for what he did.

Monster-Steve Harmon; April 27th. 2009

Yes; I feel it still exist. Racism exist in many different kinds of ways. For Example, many people be judging others from where they come from or About their race when they don't even know nothing about that person. Have you ever experienced racism? I have not experienced racism. Well people have not said nothing racist about me, but i heard about other people. Steve Harmon experiences racism because when O'Brien told him that "Half of those jurors . . . believed you were guilty the moment they laid eyes on you. You're young, you're Black, and you're on trial. " So I am guessing e experienced racism.

Yes; Because there are more White Juror than Minority. Not really; Because the White Juror really don't care about the Minority people so they would just say that they are guilty. Maybe Not; He probably won't get a fair trial because he is a Minority.

Some people that are in our country court system are racist. Most of the people that think that our country's court system are racist becasue maybe they are and they really don't care what they say when they should. Just because there are White judges they think they could do whatever they want and judge people how they like it. There are more bleck men in Jail than in College because mostly black people get caught for what they do and they spend about 25 years up to there whole entire lifetime. Finally. many judges just look at the person and think that they should not even deal with there case and just tell them that they are guilty and they are going to spend there whole life in Jail.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The game I enjoyed the most today was Soccer Poetry. In order to play the game I had to answer questions and when I get the questions correct I get to try to get a goal. If you get the question wrong well then you can not try to get a goal.. My Score was 8 out of 10. I liked this game because every time I got the questions correct I get to try to get a goal. To play this game go to this link;

The game that I enjoyed secondly the most today was From rags to Richest . In order to play the game I had to get the questions correct to move on o get more money and if I got it wrong I would need to start the game all over. My Score was $1,000,000. I liked this game because when I needed help in a question I got confused so It was kind of fun . To play this game go to this link;

The game I enjoyed the least today was Basketball Poetry. In order to play the game I had to you need to get all the questions correct to try to make a shot. My Score was 21 points. I least liked this game because I am wack at it. To play this game go to this link;

Friday, April 3, 2009

Aim:How do we solve proportions by using cross products?

1. Explain: How the term cross product can help you remember how to solve a proportion.
   The term cross product can help me remember how to solve the proportion because all I have to do is multiply across and nothing else. Basically, all you have to do is multiply the numerator from the denominator from both of the ratios. Cross multiplying is easy because all you have to do is cross multiply, but if you have a variable in one of the ratios you have to figure out what is that variable. Furthermore, if one of the ratios has a variable and the other one does not then, you still need to figure out what is the variable to get you answer.

2. Describe: The error in these steps: 2/3=x/12; 2x=36; x=18

  The error in these steps: 2/3=x/12; 2x=36; x=18, the person who did this problem did not show it's work. Even though, the person did not show his/her work, he/her did not cross multiply. The only thing that the person did was multiply by straight. So the person just basically did was 2*x=2x and 3*12=36. Then the person did 2x=36 and then the person divided by 2 and got 18, so x=18. Finally the way he would of gotten it right, if he was to do;
2          x
__ = ___  3x=24; 24/3=8; x=8
3         12

3. Show: How to use cross products to decide whether the ratios 6:45 and 2:15 are proportional.

6          2
__=  ___  2*45=90 
45       15    6*15=90 

90 and 90  is proportional.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


   I learned that a Hyperbole is when you are exaggerating. Hyperbole is a figure of speech using exaggeration. An example of hyperbole is, She was dying. Another example is that She was Oo.Dheeing on you. People use hyperboles to exaggerate.  One hyperbole that I use daily is, You be Oh.Dheeing. Finally, the figure of speech I like to use is a simile. A  simile is easy to use because you are only comparing using the words like or as. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


    Today in Class, I learned that Idioms are like expressions that use. Idioms are expressions that has a meaning apart from the meanings of its individual words. An example of an Idiom is, Raining Cats and Dogs. Raining Cats and Dogs is when is raining a lot. Another example of another Idiom is, I put my foot down. I put my foot down is standing up the plate. One more thing of another Idiom is, Its easy as Pie. Easy as Pie is easy to do. People use Idioms so they would use the Idioms instead of saying the exact phrase.