Tuesday, May 12, 2009


    Using IMOVIE was fun, but at times it is kind of difficult because you have to add pictures and then the pictures take along time to load. Also, when you try to put the music in and it is not the song that does not match and then I have to look for another song all over. Moreover, in my group I have Victor and Jonas. The best part creating the movie with my group is that when we was getting it together we kept on trying and we succeeded. Well me and my group did not show our IMOVIE video to the class because we did not finish, so we are still working on it. Moreover, Jonas, Victor, and me are still working on it and when we finish with it we will show it to the class. 

     The other videos that I saw were interesting. Like Alahagi group they did everything like a movie would do it. To add on, like in the end of the movie they did it just like that. The people that was in the group was Josue, Angel, and Alahagi. Well I think our video is good because we are not finished and when we present it to the class I would like to know what they think about it if they like it or not. Well there was 2 videos that were tie because Alahagi's group was creative and they had people from the school to play the person the character they was doing for IMOVIE. The other group that I liked was Larolyn's group it was funny and creative because at the end the put pictures and they were funny. Also Larolyn's group there was people talking in the background. I don't think they would know because they are not really saying a lot about the book. Basically, what I am trying to say is they are not being very descriptive. 

    I plan to improve on my film by working on it. Also, by making sure it is good and checking it once I finish and keep on checking it until it is great.

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