Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am proud to be a Dominican.
A Dominican is who I am.
Which considers a hispanic.

When its time for me to go
Dominican Republic I cry as if I am never going to see my mother again.

Being in Dominican Republic is just
like relaxing on the beach on a hot sunny day.

When I go visit my grandmother
she makes me smile like I just saw a star shining down on me.

When its time for me to leave
Dominican Republic I don't want to leave because
it is hot like you are near the sun.

Today, during class I learned about Similies, Metaphors, Figurative Language and Alliteration. Simile is when you are comparing something using Like or As. A Meatphor is when you are comparing something but, not using the words Like or As. To add on, a Figurative Language is a tool that an author employs to help the reader visualize what is happening in a story or poem. Moreover, Alliteration is turn of expression. An example of an Simile is, " Your mom crys as loud as a Lion." An example of a Metaphor is, "Your foot is bigger than Big Foot feet." Furthermore, an example of Figurative language is.....I really don't know but, if you do congratulations."Additionally, an example of Alliteration is, "Boom Boom Boom." In my class we are learning about this because we are in the Poetry Lesson. If you read my peom...let me tell you I don't like poetry. I hate poetry. But from me there will be more poetrys SOON !

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