Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Diary Entry about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

Mr. Daily took me to his house instead of taking me to Martin Hall ( Kids Jail ). But, instead he took me to his house. I really do not know why. Well anyways, he just took me over there and I seen his wife Mrs. Daily. When I first got there she seemed nice. I already had a good feeling about her. Mr. Daily had to go back to his office real quick to get some papers or something like that. Furthermore, Mrs. Daily kept on asking me question about me. After, Mr.Daily had came back. He came back real quick like he said he would. Moreover, they had asked if I would tell them about me annd what has been going on in my life, so I told them. But, I left some parts out of when I was out the Zoo, I didn't want them to know about that. While, I was telling them that I was in the Living Room. Mrs. Daily feed me a lot of food. She thought that I was straving and I hadn't eaten for days when its kinda a little bit true. On the other hand, Mrs. Daily showed me my bedroom. She took me a shower. Additionally, she said that I was a dirty boy because I have not taken a shower since a long time and I been through a lot. To add on, Mrs. Daily tucked me into bed, put DOggie beisde me, and gave me a kiss on my forehead. A few hours/ Minutes I noticed that Doggie was not there at all. So, I went downstairs and asked Mrs.Daily if she knows where was Doggie. But, before I went into the kitchen I over heard her and Mr.Daily talking. So, then they stopped talking because Mrs.Daily noticed that I was there. Moreover, I asked her if she kows where is Doggie. She replied and said Yes. She told me that she ttok him because he was very dirty and it seemed like he been through a lot like he said. A few days later, I went downstairs again, I over heard them once again talking in the kitchen. Additionally, she seen me and she asked me what I am doing down there. I had tol dher that I wanted a paper and a pencil so I can draw. When I knew it was so I can run away. I was writing them a letter to tell them thank you for everything and all that they did for me. I was going back to the Zoo where I was before. Then, in the night I hear people calling my name, then I heard it again. Finally, I heard that it was Sal and I seen the police man and Mr.Daily beside him.


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