Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shirley Chisolm

Today during class I learned about Shirley Chisolm. Shirley Chisolm made history. Shirley believes that young minority children have no hope about the future. Furthermore, the young minority do not believe. If they was to believe in themselves and not doubt themselves they will succeed and they will get some where in the future if they just believe in themselves. For example, if they live in a bad environment it will not help them to believe in themselves at all. Shirley thinks that the students that did not want to get higher grade because they were "its." Those children wanted to be Mediocre.

Shirley Chisolm was an African American women who ran for President. She was the first African American women to run for President and had the guts to run even though during her time it was tough. Moreover, Shirley accomplished all her wishes all except winning to be President. People felt that when she ran for President that she was a brave women. To me, I think she did not care what people thought of her. So she did what she had to do but, she still lost. Other people thought that she was crazy because she wa s running and she was not going to make it that far. But, those people were wrong she actually made it far. Finally, black people during her time was not treated al that good. For example, they was not allowed to do what they wanted to do but, there was still segregation in her time. Also the african americans were not allowed to have there own names they had to have white people names, so they couldn't have there own names.

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Ms. Bentley said...

Great entry! I can tell you were paying attention. Try to break up your blogs into paragraphs next time.