Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Angela's Ashes

     Poverty affects the characters in Angela's Ashes because they are extremely poor. The little babies keep on getting because the parents can't afford to go to the hospital to help their baby. If I was the mother I would try to give them whatever they needed like food or try to get. Also, I would find a Job to help them. The thing that the mother did wrong was to marry the husband because he really does not doing nothing at all. the thing that the father did wrong was to become a drunk. 

   I think they live under these conditions because something went wrong with there family. The things that can help this family if they was to move somewhere else and they can get help from someone else or anyone from there family who has more than what they have. No I do not know anyone who lives in poverty like they do. No it is not worse because America is a big place 

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