Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Diary Entry about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

I ran away from to go look for SAL. I had to sleep in the zoo until MONDAY, because that was the day he started working again. I got to see all kinds off animals like I was there. While I was there in the Zoo I was hungry. But, I ate food from the garbage. That people through and was not all finished. Well, I guess I was kinda scared because I was there with only animals. Then I was not really scared because I had DOGGIE with me. I ran away because I wanted to look for SAL. I did not want him to run away. He felt that no one loved him because they made him do everything in his house. Then everyone in the house started blaming me that it was my fault that he left the house. When that was not even true. Well, I think he left because I think he though that non one in the house loved him.


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