Monday, May 4, 2009

Monster-Is Steve Harmon innocent or guilty?||May 4th, 2009

Steve Harmon is Innocent.
I feel that Steve Harmon is Innocent because he really did not do anything. In the crime the role that Steve had to do was to see if anyone was in the store like cops or any customers. So basically all he had to do is give them a signal. Well Steve does not know Bobo as much as he knows James King. He knows James King more than Bobo because the only way he knows Bobo was when the Robbery had happened. Why do you think Steve is friends with people like James King and Osvaldo? I think that Steve is friends with people like James King and Osvaldo because he is probably scared of them or he does not have any friends instead of them.

Our friends can influence by trying to get us addicted about what they like. Also, about influencing us in what they like to do, etc. I never been in a situation like this like Steve Harmon. I have not gotten in this situatiion before because I do not hang out with people Steve Harmon does. If I was to do something like Steve Harmon did it won't my friends fault it will be mine for doing what I did. It is important to pick your friends wisely because when you really get to know them you will probably regret from being that person's friend. To me I don't pick my friends wisely. If I want someone to be my friend they are going to be my friend if they want to be friends with me. I am not going to choose who can be my friend or not.I think that she feels that he did something wrong because James King and Bobo are bad influence for him and that why he is in the situation he is in now.

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