Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Diary about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

I attacked Butch because I did not like the way he was making fun of Mark. When Mark finally wanted to be my friend I felt happy because he wants to be my friend. I think he wanted to be my friend now because I stood up for him. Moreover, I feel that Stacy is a nice girl, but she can be annoyinng by asking many questions. Also Stacy will be a good friend. I feel sad that I couldn't take Doggie with me because he was my only friend when Mark didn't want to be my friend yet. The Carpenters went to pick me up at the Orphanage which is Home of the Angels. Furthermore, when I was sitting behind the Carpenters car I didn't want to live with them because they are not my real parents and I don't feel comfortable living with other people I don't know. I think my new home will be good and then it won't be all that good because I won't be comfortable. Finally, my fear is that something probably happen to me while I am in my new house.


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