Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Diary about Jennings !

Dear Martha,

Thank You Very Much for taking care of me. You are a great person. But, there are things that have been going on ever since I left the house. Like, one thing is that once I went back home my brother Larry ran away from home. Larry says that there is no reason for loving or trusting no one when they are just going to go away. Another thing is that I ran away myself to the Bronx just to look for my friend SAL. I stayed at the zoo for about 3 days. Additionally, SAL had found me and started asking me lots of questions and of course I answered him. To add on, SAL took me back home and started talking to my mother. Then they started to go out almost every weekend it was like they were dating. Furthermore, then George got mad because it was like SAL was doing everything for them when George got them a new house. George does not like SAL at all. On the other hand, SAL took us to see my other brother JEROME. JEROME was in another home. I was surprised that I was finally got to see my brother again. Moreover, JEROME had told me about my father and the reason GEORGE is always ususally drunk and always arguing with WALTER. Finally, one terrible thing happened. I think it was kind of my brother GEORGE fault because he did not want to do the favor for my mom. The favor was if he could fix the Television because it lost color, so he did not want to go up to the roof and fix it. But, outside was pouring. Soo my mom decided to go to the roof and fix it. All of a sudden they hear something really loud, so they go check what was it and I see my mother on the floor. I mostly see blood. Moreover, I start screaming and polices and ambulance come and take her. I hope my mother is okay !


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