Thursday, June 18, 2009

    I went Lake COmpOunce. This place is located at Connecticut. The time I left at was 8 something. It took like 1 hour.  I was talking to my friends that was sitting next to me and beside me. The trip to the Theme Park was fun. On the bus, I was taking pictures of people off guard. I was also talking to people on the bus. The movie I watched on the bus while going to the Theme Park was "Harry Potter." The bus ride was about 3 to 4 hours long. I felt bored at a point and then I started to take pictures of people. I felt bored because I was doing nothing at a point until I did something. 

    Once I got to the park I was waiting for my homeroom teacher to pass out the tickets so I can enter inside the Theme Park. When I saw the park I thought you can't compare this to Six Flags at all. The people that was in my group was Alex; Sekouba; Saikou; Grisaurys; Jhoanna; Ada; Thalia; Victor; Jonas; Javier; Joshua; and me. The teacher I went with was Mr.Osei. The first ride I went on was DOwntOwn. The people that the ride with me on the ride the first time was Alex; Sekouba; Jonas; Javier; Ada; Jhoanna; Saikou; and me. Roller Coaster rides I went on was Boulder Dash; Zoomerrang; and Wild Cat. Some other rides I got on was Bumper Carts; DOwntOwn; Saw Mill Plunge; and Enterprise. My 2 favorites rides are Zoomerrang and Boulder Dash. I liked the Zoomerrang because it goes backwards. I liked the Boulder Dash because it is like El Torro in Six Flags they are both like the same thing. Also, I like these rides because they go fast. When I went on the DOwntOwn Alex said El Diablo when we was going down. Also, Jonas was praying. Mr. Osei did not get on any of the rides except the Wildcat. The Wildcat was the only ride Mr.Osei go on. I did not eat nothing. 

     The last ride I went on was the DOwntOwn. That was the second time I got on. The bus ride was type fun to me because I took pictures of people who was sleeping. All those pictures of the people I took while they was sleeping was funny. The movie I seen on my way back home was "The Return of Batman." The most thing I liked about Lake COmpOunce was all the rides. Finally, I would like to go back for the summer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Angela's Ashes

     Poverty affects the characters in Angela's Ashes because they are extremely poor. The little babies keep on getting because the parents can't afford to go to the hospital to help their baby. If I was the mother I would try to give them whatever they needed like food or try to get. Also, I would find a Job to help them. The thing that the mother did wrong was to marry the husband because he really does not doing nothing at all. the thing that the father did wrong was to become a drunk. 

   I think they live under these conditions because something went wrong with there family. The things that can help this family if they was to move somewhere else and they can get help from someone else or anyone from there family who has more than what they have. No I do not know anyone who lives in poverty like they do. No it is not worse because America is a big place 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Experience doing IMOVIE

      The people that are in my group were Jonas and Victor. Working with a group is a little bit hard because we would argue. Also as a group it is hard because you want to put something or take something out, but then your group member don't want you to do that so we start arguing. Moreover, it is also difficult because when your partners are not here to help you and you are here working on it by yourself trying to do what you wanted to do and make it much better. The best part working with a group is that everyone from your group have different parts in doing your IMOVIE. That Jonas would do the IMOVIE, Victor would write the script, and I would answer questions and find pictures. The worst part working alone is that you need your group members to help you when you need help. Furthermore, working alone is a little bit good because you get to do what you want and you don't need no one to tell you what to do. There really isn't a worst part to making IMOVIE because at a point making if you don't know how to use it, it is hard to do IMOVIE. Finally, once you know how to use IMOVIE it will get easy.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sara Khan

    The name of the Presenter is Sara. Sara is an underwriter. Well when Sara came in her Presentation it said that she was an Insurance person. When she said that she was an Insurance person I was a little confused. Well she had explained and she said that as an Insurance Person she whelps people with anything that they need help with. Moreover, when she was talking she had said that people get notice by doing bad things.   


        The name of the presenter that I seen was Teniola. Teniola is an Investment Banker. Well she told me about what she does as an Investment Banker. Well, the Presenter Teniola told us that she works a lot of hours. Also, she said that she works up to 100 hours a week when their is only about 164 hours a week .Moreover, she also said that you get to travel around the world and the company pays for the Hotel you are staying in. I liked that she said you get to work with many people. Finally, she said that she is going to stop working as an Investment Banker because its like she does not get enough sleep and she always wanted to be a teacher, so she is going to be a ESL teacher for the summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


    Using IMOVIE was fun, but at times it is kind of difficult because you have to add pictures and then the pictures take along time to load. Also, when you try to put the music in and it is not the song that does not match and then I have to look for another song all over. Moreover, in my group I have Victor and Jonas. The best part creating the movie with my group is that when we was getting it together we kept on trying and we succeeded. Well me and my group did not show our IMOVIE video to the class because we did not finish, so we are still working on it. Moreover, Jonas, Victor, and me are still working on it and when we finish with it we will show it to the class. 

     The other videos that I saw were interesting. Like Alahagi group they did everything like a movie would do it. To add on, like in the end of the movie they did it just like that. The people that was in the group was Josue, Angel, and Alahagi. Well I think our video is good because we are not finished and when we present it to the class I would like to know what they think about it if they like it or not. Well there was 2 videos that were tie because Alahagi's group was creative and they had people from the school to play the person the character they was doing for IMOVIE. The other group that I liked was Larolyn's group it was funny and creative because at the end the put pictures and they were funny. Also Larolyn's group there was people talking in the background. I don't think they would know because they are not really saying a lot about the book. Basically, what I am trying to say is they are not being very descriptive. 

    I plan to improve on my film by working on it. Also, by making sure it is good and checking it once I finish and keep on checking it until it is great.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do I have to think about a Career now?

     Well I am thinking about careers now so when I get to college I would already know what I would want to do.  Also, I am thinking about the careers now so I could already know what would I be studying about. It is important because once I get to university I would know what we need to study about so I could become professionals. I think this project will help me a lot. Moreover, it will be helping me a lot because I am already thinking about what I want to do when I get older. Furthermore, this is helping me a lot because I want to have a better future. I want to be better than my mother. Additionally, I would like to help my family and be better than what they are doing. I already have been thinking about my future. As my future I would like to be a business women,  work in a Company or  Manage money. Finally, I started thinking about my future so I would know what to study and so I could be a better person than my mother in what she has done.