Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Diary about Jennings!

Dear Diary,

I live with the FRAZIERS now. Mr.Frazier went to pick me up at my school. He had told me that my mom has pneumonia. I was really sad. I did not want to move anywhere else. I want to be with my mother. Mr.Frazier and the principal had told me that I could still come to the school. Furthermore, I was a little bit excited that I was still going to stay in the school. Mr.Frazier was nice to me. So far I like him. He took me to this beautiful place that had amazing houses. To add on, he had a big house. I liked his house. Additionally, I liked the maid. She was really nice to me at all times. Finally, I like the FRAZIERS house and I also like my room.

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