Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diary Entry about Jennings !

Dear Diary,

I finally got to see SAl again. I got to see him on MONDAY. ONce, SAL found me he had asked lots of questions and of course I had answered him. He had took me home. My mom was so happy to see me again. She told me that she does not want me to do that ever again. SAL and my mom started talking. So I went to my room. I finally, got to see JEROME again. I was so surprised. He told me about my father. He told me not to tell no one not even my mom. I wish my father was dead. To add on, I wish he was dead because it was like his fault that GEORGE comeshome drunk and its his fault that GEORGE screams at my mom like that. Everything that JEROME I am going to believe because he is my mother and one thing is true that GEOORGE always usually gets home drunk because of that man. GEORGE did not go fix the Antennae because he had something to do. The thing he had to do was to go out and drink with that man. I do blame GEORGE for my moms injury because he did not even want to do her that little favor because he had to go out with that man I wish he could die. Well, when I saw my mom there lying down with al that blood I was sad. I was thinkin that now I have to go to another home once again and wait until my mother gets better once again.


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