Friday, March 13, 2009

Math New York State Test

To me the Math Exam part 1 was Fair. Furthermore, it was fair to me because there was nothing that I did not to do. There was only one question that I had trouble with and I made an educated guess. But, the rest of the test was fair. Part 2 of the test was a little bit more difficult to me. I found it a little but more difficult because I was getting confused. So then I had stopped for a while and I started thinking so I can get more comfortable. I think that I got another high 3 like last year. It took me 1 hour to finish the whole entire test. Yes, I did go over my test to make sure that I answered the question.

That quiz to me form yesterday was not hard at all to me. To me it was not all that hard because I knew everything that was on it. For me there was no difficult part in the poetry quiz. The quiz that I took today was not hard. To me the test was fair. The difficult part that I found difficult was when I had to write 3 sentences about Imagery. As my grade I think I got an 80 or above. I felt that I was prepared for the test because in the class we went over some of the figurative languages that we had trouble with.

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