Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Poetry is to me.

When you do Poetry is like you are expressing your feelings. Even though I don't like poetry at all. Also when you are doing poetry you can write about anything that happened to you in your life or what is happening to you. Poetry is mostly when you are making a rap, singing, or when you have things that you can't say anything and you are just writing it down. Furthermore, when you are writing poetry you don't have to rhyme at all as long as it makes sense. but, it will be good if you rhyme once in a while. Just like my teacher told me today that you don't have to rhyme. If you want your poem to sound good well then add a little bit of similes, metaphors, alliteration, figurative language, end rhyme, and etc. Moreover, when you are writing a poem you don't have to write the same kind of poem over and over. For example, you can write Limerick poems, Epic, Haiku, Free verse, Ode, Bllad, Imagery, Acrostic, Simile, and Metaphor Poems. These are all kinds that you can write. You can be creative when you are writing poems.

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