Monday, January 5, 2009

My Winter Vacation !

In Christmas, I had fun with my family. Before I went to me aunts house I took a long nap. Once we I got to my aunts house I started taking pictures of my whole entire family. Moreover, after I got there we had to wait for one of my family members so we can start eating. Once, my other aunt got there we all decided that we should eat, but before we ate my aunt gave out presents to all the kids in the family. The kids who were 10 and under got toys and the kids who were 11 and over got 20 dollars, and our parents did not get nothing, so after that we ate. Finally, once we finished eating we just started to party. My christmas gift that I got was money from my father. I was not really expecting anything from him. I got my gift on Christmas Day.

In New Years, I had a lot of fun with my family. I spent Christmas at my aunts house again. Before, the it hit 12 o'clock I was thinking about my New Year Resolution. Also, before it hit 12 o'clock I went to the kitchen to go get 12 grapes and I was not the only one who got 12 grapes. We always get 12 grapes and eat them usually at the countdown so we can get good luck. Once, the clock hit 12 o'clock we all started screaming and we all started hugging each other. After, I hugged everybody I ran to the phone and called my father and told him Happy New Year. I called my father because I do not live with him I live with my mother and I do not get to see my father. The only time I get to see my father is when he comes to visit me, my sister, and my other brothers.

In my birthday, I had a lot of fun with my Cousins and the Bestee's. I went to 42nd Bryant Park to go Ice Skating. But, instead I went to the Regal Movie Theater because to go Ice Skating the line was to long and I was not going to wait there that long. I went to go see the Bed Time Stories, that movie was funny. Additionally, we just started walking and then we to "Toys R' Us" and we took funny pictures while we were there. Moreover, once we got out of there we walked around until we got to 34th street because we were bored and we did not want to go home yet. Once we got to 34th street we just took the D train there. Futhermore, we all stopped at 161 and my cousins and me went to take the 13 bus and my Bestee's took the 6 bus. I slept over my cousins house and they sang Happy Birthday to me at 12 o'clock. Then the next day, was my actual birthday. All my cousins came to my house and my mother bought Ice Cream Cake and Pizza. I finally turned 13 and now I have to wait until next year for my birthday again that is a very long time. I did not really want anything for my birthday, but my father sent me more money.

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